Making LGBT inclusivity a reality, school by school

Materials, curricula, and coaching

We diversify narratives taught in classrooms by donating diverse literature, building inclusive curricula, and coaching educators on LGBT themes.

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Media is powerful: books, music, film, theater collectively shape kids’ attitudes about the world and their place within it.

Hope In A Box helps educators ensure that multimedia in their classrooms represent diverse backgrounds and identities. Study after study confirms that such diversity can have an extraordinary impact on the creativity, empathy, and self-confidence of all students—queer and straight.

Our support comes in two forms, available free of charge to public school educators, administrators, and librarians:

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1 Starter Box

Hope In A Box developed the definitive primer in LGBT English literature for Middle and High School students. This 50-book bibliography draws on dozens of college syllabi, national book award lists, and individual workshops with 40+ university professors. Our list represents a range of time periods (Melville and Woolf to Lorde and Baldwin), formats (novels, non-fiction, poetry, scripts), and identities, all while ensuring relatability and accessibility to students age 12-18. We pair many of these texts with supporting multimedia, including films, soundtracks, and magazines.

What's it best for?

Building a diverse and inclusive school library
Providing books to individual students
Getting ideas on books and media to weave into curricula
Educating oneself on LGBT experiences

What's inside

Books and multimedia from our expert-designed bibliography
Summaries and suggested age ranges
Starter curricula for a subset of texts
Contact info for an inclusion coach to further discuss LGBT issues


2 Single-Copy Box

If you want to incorporate an LGBT-inclusive book into a lesson plan (from our Starter Box or elsewhere), we’ll help purchase books for the full classroom. Let us know how many copies you need and if you’d like supporting materials (for example, The Hours by Michael Cunningham was turned into an Academy Award-winning film. We’re happy to send a copy of the movie along with the books!).

What's it best for?

Incorporating a book into your formal curriculum
Increasing exposure to LGBT identities among all of your students
Diversifying media through which students learn about LGBT identities

What's inside

Up to 30 print copies of your suggested book, or...
Up to 50 EBook copies of your suggested book
Accompanying materials based on the goals of your curriculum


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