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Our nonprofit collaborates with rural public schools to make classrooms more LGBT-friendly. We donate boxes of LGBT-inclusive books, design curriculum, and provide coaching for educators. Will you help us?

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LGBT inclusion: from idea to reality

We work with public schools to make rural classrooms LGBT-inclusive. Through literature donations, curriculum building, and educator coaching, we help diversify narratives taught in schools. Our mission is to cultivate open, accepting environments for LGBTQ students from a young age, paving the way for their well-being throughout life.

Hope in a Box will support hundreds of school districts in all 50 states by the end of the 2019-2020 school year — cultivating inclusive classrooms for tens of thousands of students.

Hope in a Box is literally saving lives. When young LGBTQ people see themselves reflected in school curricula, their well-being improves and rates of bullying drop. By providing these resources to schools with little access to them, Hope in a Box is making a life-saving difference for young people.
— Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN and President Obama's Head of Safe Schools
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  • 4,500+ students can access high-quality, positive LGBT literature due to our program

  • 100% of educators say they feel better equipped to support LGBT students because of Hope in a Box

  • 90% of educators say Hope in a Box noticeably improves the emotional well-being of LGBT students within one semester of receiving our materials

  • 80% of teachers aim to formally include one of our books in their curriculum in the next academic year

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Our small rural district isn’t very diverse, and it’s been incredibly important for us to find creative ways to help students be open-minded and empathetic. I’m so grateful for the guidance and generosity of Hope In A Box because it sends our students such an important message: we recognize LGBTQ students and we appreciate them!
— Cristina O, grades 9-11 English
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